Huei Lih Stove-Legacy from the spirit of master craftmanship

Established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1971, HueiLih Enterprise Co., Ltd (HueiLih) has long been kept moving forward in a traditional operation fashion and aggressively set our goal to become a world-famous commercial machinery manufacturer. To broaden the global and local market, HueiLih chooses Taiwan as the location of headquarter, not only to develop new products for attracting more local dealers, but provides the most professional and efficient manufacturing process for fast stoves and automatic rice cookers. For decades, HueiLih has been appraised for the high quality from our customers, and has become the world-famous stove manufacturing company nowadays. In the near future, the aspect of business operation of HueiLih will increase dramatically, and we will expand and adjust our production specifically for regional differences in other countries in order to increase the diversity to our products and meet the expectation from our clients. The ultimate goal is to turn HueiLih into an international company which not only distributing the much more professional products and services to every corner in the world, but also ameliorate the function of our products to increase the chances for public to share the brand that all professional chefs trust.Main Product:
Gas Bruner, Speedy Stoves, Gas Rice Cookers, Medium Pressure Gas Regulators, Milling Cupolas and other relative products. Services:
OEM for professional stove products, gas rice cookers, etc. Brands:
HueiLih, 黑面牌、大安牌等……
◎ 1971 Establishing HueiLih Enterprise Co., Ltd
◎ 1981 Establishing the first factory in ChungLih, TaoYuan County, Taiwan
It has been 40 years since the funder of HueiLih Enterprise Co., Ltd, Mr. Huang, first established the company in Taipei City in 1973. With the change of communication methods and the re-organize of marketing and distributing, this website was built to provide the latest information and online services for clients in order to implement 24-hour global marketing and business development