Huei Lih Stove-Meeting all your appetizing needs

The height of the furnace rack has always been the persistence of Huili's quality. Here are some points to explain to you:
1, use the best heat energy
The highest point of the fire is the place where the temperature is the highest. The height of our stove rack is to make the highest point of the fire just burn to the bottom of the pot, to exert the best heat energy, so that you have strong firepower and fast cooking.
2, reduce heat loss
When the fire hits the bottom of the pot, it will blow out to the Quartet, causing the loss of heat. The height of our stove frame is to prevent the fire from blowing out to the Quartet, which can reduce the loss of heat and play the best thermal efficiency. You save unnecessary waste of heat, saving energy and protecting the environment.

One, burnt rice, uneven heating, and produce rice crackers.
Second, the rice will jump early before it is cooked, resulting in unripe rice.

1. Please confirm whether the gas boiler is natural gas or liquefied gas in operation. If the difference between natural and liquefied gas is not checked in detail, therefore, use natural gas with a gas rice cooker suitable for liquefied petroleum gas, or use liquefied petroleum gas with applicable natural gas The combined use of gas cookers can cause problems with gas pressure, resulting in too little or too much firepower, and it is dangerous.
2. Please place the gas rice cooker in a flat place. If it is not placed smoothly, the rice grains and water will be unbalanced due to local conditions, which will cause the problem of thermal error and burnt or undercooked.
3. Please place the gas rice cooker in a place without the influence of wind. If it is placed in the place where it is affected by wind, it will cause the flames to float and cause uneven heating, and the flame will burn back and cause the switch to burn and leak.
4. Gas rice cookers are suitable for low pressure regulators. If medium pressure regulators or high pressure regulators are used, the firepower will be too strong, which will cause thermal errors.
5. To operate a gas rice cooker, press the ignition button to confirm that the mother fire is on before pressing the rice cooker button. If the ignition button is not pressed on the rice cooker button, the main fire will not be caused by the displacement of parts.