Huei Lih Stove-Prepared meal after meal of delicacies

3E Electrical Commercial Stove

Dimensions, including the middle and upper rack (length x width x height):
400mm x 230mm x 140mm
Burner dimensions: 3 inches(96 mm diameter)
Horizontal distance from the center of the burner to the end of the electrical switch inlet: 245±2.5mm
3E conjoined middle and upper rack dimensions: 230 mm diameter, 140 mm height
★Dimension Diagram
Ideal for all kinds of restaurants, which include: Snack bar, sea food and stir-fried restaurants.
Ideal for stir-frying on high heat.
•Suitable for bottled gas cylinder only. Liquefied natural gas cannot be used because of low pressure.
【Please use the Hueilih medium-pressure regulator】
High-heat, fast-cooking stove with an ideal air-fuel ratio.
High-precision rack design allows the flame to envelop the pot and maximizes the heat energy.
Inner and outer flame disks induce greater cooking power.
Copper-made burner reduces the likelihood of corrosion.
Small and suitable for home and outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping.
•Equipped with electrical ignition system.
3E Electric Commercial Stove heat and volume test:
▲Tested with 2000 mL lukewarm water on high heat
    Tested with 25000 mm H2O standard gas pressure value
•Heat performance: water boils in 3 minutes and 5 seconds
•Volume performance: 75.8db-78.5db